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Are you seeking the proper blend of personal service and professional expertise? Well, you've come to the right place. We are a professional firm with heart, where our people are warm, and the coffee is always hot!

We offer a broad range of High Grade Valued services and, that's why you find us here at HGValue.com whereby, all referral sources and clientele are always treated with the utmost discretion in conjunction with services that are rendered with experience and technical skill, in accordance with our professional standards.

We always strive to provide our expertise proficiently while maintaining affordable, competitive billing rates that “bridge” the gap between quality oriented efficiency and cost effectiveness.

It might seem a bit old fashioned but, Edward D. Heben, CPA, P.C. and its affiliate, Capital Haven, LLC, operate as professional practices rather than businesses. Thus, the reason for the quill and ink.

Our success is defined by strong referral sources, our business contacts; the success of our clients, and the acceptance of our work by the toughest critics: the Internal Revenue Service, State Taxing Authorities, the Courts, and our Peers.

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Capital Haven, LLCCertified Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Having a vague idea of the value or worth of your capital machinery and equipment is not sufficient. Lenders may require a Certified M&E Appraisal to support loan decisions. New SBA Standard Operating Procedures make it mandatory. CPA's need a Certified M&E Appraisal for Estate/Trust/Gift Planning and Tax Preparation (Pension Protection Act of 2006), Fair Value Reporting for FASB 141/142 compliance, and to help clients with "C" to "S" conversions. Attorneys need a Certified M&E Appraisal for matrimonial, business divorce, business dissolution, and commercial litigation purposes to substantiate accurate and realistic values that can withstand both IRS and Court scrutiny.

All of our Certified M&E Appraisals comply with USPAP (Uniform Standards of a Professional Appraisal Practice), as a promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation, who set the ethical standards and the requirements for Machinery & Equipment appraisal reports.

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